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Process Gas Monitoring / Liquid Monitoring Systems
  • O2 monitoring in different media
  • CO, CH4, CO2, H2S, H2 monitoring in different gas mixtures
  • Monitoring the purity of He, H2, N2, Ar, CO2 and other industrial gases
  • Medical gas purity
  • Monitoring of chlorine, EDC and other industrial gases
  • Applications monitoring various components in the oil and gas industry as well as in refineries
  • Heat value and Wobbe index
  • Monitoring to control the Claus process
  • Monitoring of H2S, mercaptans, COS and other sulfur components in various industrial processes
  • Monitoring the sulfur content of gasoline, diesel and other fuels
  • Process chromatography and mass spectrometry
  • Monitoring of gases and liquids in the semiconductor industry
  • Monitoring of gases and liquids in the production of PVC
  • Monitoring in chlorine chemistry
  • Monitoring in nitrogen chemistry
  • Process gas purity monitoring
  • Monitoring of clean gas production based on air separation
  • Monitoring of packaging gases in the food industry
  • H2 process monitoring
  • Steam flow
  • Compressed air flow

Combustion Process Control

In-situ and semi-extractive analyzers using ZrO2 cells with the possibility of simultaneous measurement of O2 and CO Laser TDL analyzers for monitoring O2 and CO in flue gases across the combustion chamber.

Analyzers for Chemical and Petrochemical Applications

NDIR analyzers for SO2, H2S, CO, CO2, NH3, HCl, CH4 and other gases. H2S and total sulfur content of gases and liquids (including petrol and diesel). Broad range of paramagnetic, ZrO2, electrochemical and laser analyzers for monitoring of oxygen purity or trace concentrations.
O2 analyzers for extreme pressures, temperatures, corrosivity, or explosive environments of technological processes.

Industrial Analyzers for Pharmaceutical Industry, Semiconductor Industry and Industrial Gas Manufacturers

Multicomponent FTIR, NIR and Raman analyzers for many applications.

Physical Parameters

Color, turbidity, cloud point, flash point, freeze point, viscosity, vapor pressure, opacity, distillation curve monitors in accordance to ASTM standart.
Selective analysis of H2 concentration in different media.

Syngas and Biogas Monitoring

Analytical systems H2, CO, CH4 , CO2 , H2S.
Monitoring of SO2, CO, CO2, O2, NOx at high temperatures and extreme dust.
Prietok sypkých látok

Claus Process Tail Gas Monitoring

Monitoring of H2S and SO2 in the conditions of the Claus process for H2S separation from process gases.

Analyzers for Food Industry

O2, CO2 packaging gas analyzers. CO2 purity analyzers for beverage manufacturers.

Process Gas Chromatographs and MS instruments

Instruments for monitoring various gaseous compounds, for monitoring technological processes. Mass spectrometers with ultrafast measuring cycle time for many applications.

Analyzers for Industrial Gas Producers

Monitoring of purity and trace pollution of Ar, O2, CO2, N2 and other industrial gases in production process, transport and filling.
Monitorovanie zloženia plynov a kvapalín

Humidity and Moisture Monitoring

  • Dew point and humidity of gases
  • Water content in liquids
  • Solids moisture

Natural Gas Analyzers

Instruments based on compact sensors, or chromatography TDL monitoring of humidity and sulfur in NG.

Monitoring of Flare and Waste Gases

Flow, composition and calorific value of faecal and waste gases with variable humidity from different processes.

Flow and Pressure Monitoring

  • Clamp-on flow meters
  • In-situ flow meters
  • Powder and granulate flow meters
  • Vibration resistant pressure gauges