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Analytical solutions for metallurgy

Gas analysis

  • Concentrations of O2, CO, CH4 and H2 in the atmosphere of
    furnaces and coke oven gases
  • Optimization of combustion processes
  • Monitoring the start of blast furnaces
  • Monitoring of inertization processes
  • Flow of coke oven, blast furnace and torch gases
  • Steam flow
  • Compressed air flow
  • Monitoring the Claus process
  • Measurement of purity of technical gases
  • HF monitoring in aluminum foundries
  • H2 tracking
  • Steam flow
  • Compressed air flow
Monitorovanie nábehu vysokých pecí
Monitorovanie nábehu vysokých pecí
Monitorovanie nábehu vysokých pecí
Monitorovanie nábehu vysokých pecí

Fluid analysis

  • Hydrocarbon leakage monitoring
  • Composition of lubricating emulsions
  • Monitoring of galvanizing processes
  • Monitoring of the wastewater treatment process
  • Composition of solutions in the processing of copper and metallurgy of other non-ferrous metals
  • Staining monitoring during surface treatment
  • Foam height on conductive and non-conductive liquids

Particle analysis

  • Identification of damaged filter sleeves
  • Monitoring the efficiency of filtration systems
  • Particle monitoring in the work environment
  • Measurement of TZL emissions
Monitorovanie nábehu vysokých pecí

Flow and pressure monitoring

  • Attached flow meters
  • In-situ flow meters
  • Powder and granulate flow meters
  • Vibration resistant pressure gauges
Monitorovanie nábehu vysokých pecí

Humidity monitoring

  • Dew point and humidity of gases
  • Water content in liquids
  • Moisture of solids

Ecology and working environment

  • Automatic emission monitoring systems with QAL1
    certification according to EN14181
  • Monitoring of immissions in ambient air
  • Monitoring of toxic and explosive gases in the working
  • Toxic gas detectors calibrators with internal
  • By developing a calibration gas
  • Respiratory protection testers
  • Monitoring the dustiness of the working environment
  • Scattering models for cases of dangerous leaks
Monitorovanie nábehu vysokých pecí


  • Flame detection
  • Optimization of combustion processes
  • Route heaters and fittings
  • Comprehensive monitoring of the operation of blast furnaces,
    steelworks, foundries, coke ovens, aluminum plants, production of copper and other non-ferrous metals
  • Monitoring systems for monitoring metal recycling
  • Monitoring of rolling equipment
  • Monitoring the condition of lubricating oils in transmission
  • Continuous monitoring of ore and coal composition