Solutions for automotive industry

Portable Emission Monitoring System - PEMS

PEMS was designed for vehicle exhaust gas measurement during the drive. The analytic equipment is mounted on a trailer, or fixed on the monitored vehicle, taking sample from the exhaust, and monitoring all the internal parameters of the tested vehicle. The equipment is exactly corresponding to applicable European standards and is primarily designed for researchers, universities and engine designers. The monitored compounds are CO, CO2, NO, NO2, Hydrocarbons (methane / non methane options using FID analyzers) and particles (using condensation particle counters from 10 nm size). There are two versions of the instrumentation: One for cars, another one for non-road and heavy machinery.
Monitorovací systém výfukových plynov

AEROTRAK+ monitoring of clean rooms and paint shops

They are designed to monitor clean rooms in the production of critical engine components. They also make it possible to monitor paint shop areas in which there must be no particles of a size that would be visible on a glossy surface. The devices are equipped with an integrated pump and wireless communication.
Monitorovací systém výfukových plynov

Measurement of flow, dew point and leak detection of gaseous media

These devices are designed to monitor, record and visualize all forms of energy used in the production, which are: natural gas, compressed air, steam, heating and cooling media. The use of such monitoring directly requires energy management according to the ISO 50001 standard. Flexim attachments enable flexible monitoring of energy flows. It is also important to monitor the flow and dew point of compressed air for paint shops and other technologies. The portable CSInstruments device for remote localization of the leak points allows you to save thousands of euros per year.
Monitorovací systém výfukových plynov

Ultrasonic monitoring of fluid composition

Monitoring the composition of the liquid medium is especially important in the following applications:

  • Lubricating emulsions for cutting tools
  • Texturing and etching
  • Oil content in cooling systems
  • AdBlue production
Monitorovací systém výfukových plynov

Water quality analyzers for effective monitoring and control of wastewater treatment plants

Compact analytical systems designed to monitor TOC, COD, BOD,
phosphates, ammonia, ORP, oxygen, phenols, BTX hydrocarbons, pH,
turbidity and other components.

Ecology and work environment

  • Automatic emission monitoring systems with
    QAL1 certification according to EN14181
  • Monitoring of immissions in the ambient air
  • Monitoring of toxic and explosive gases in the
    working environment
  • Toxic gas detectors calibrators with internal
    calibration gas evolution
  • Respiratory protection testers
  • Dust monitoring of the work environment
  • Dispersion models for cases of dangerous leaks
Monitorovanie zloženia plynov a kvapalín

Automatic samplers

Automatic samplers are designed for later laboratory analysis of water quality. Portable, stationary and self-cleaning devices are available.