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Filter Monitoring Systems
Sleeve filtration systems are used to separate particles from the air or flue gas stream. There are usually hundreds of filters that are arranged in rows. When the filters become clogged, the increase in differential pressure between the inlet and outlet streams initiates sequential cleaning of the individual filter rows. The analytical system at the outlet of the filtration system monitors the increase in dust concentration due to the holes created on the worn filters, which appear just after the cleaning cycle of the respective filter series, and getting soon covered by the dust deposit. In this way, it is possible to significantly extend the service life of the bag filters. Due to the capture of the emerging problem in an embryonal stage, it is possible to replace the filters during the planned service shut down – chance of a filter break is practically completely ruled out. In addition to the quality of the filter material disintegration, the system also warns of problems with the activation of cleaning of some series of filters. Special function is monitoring of blow-back valve leakages. Leaking air costs are in magnitude of ten thousands euros yearly.