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Monitoring of clean gases
ECM is a supplier of monitoring systems to control the production process of clean gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen and others (especially air separation), as well as quality control of gaseous products for use in various industries. The control of medical gases is governed by the “Pharmacopeia” regulations, the purity of food gases (especially CO2) is governed by special standards.

ECM Group has become a partner of leading producers of clean gases. Here are some of our references from the last period:

  • Air Liquide (AT, BG, CZ, SK, H)
  • Air Products „Sapio Plini“ (SI, CZ)
  • Linde Gas (BG, GR, CZ)
  • Messer Group (HR, SR, BA, BG, MK, SI, CZ, SK, H)
  • Praxair “Istrabenz Plini“ (SI)
  • SIAD (CZ)
  • SOL Group (BG, BA, MK)