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Working Area Monitoring

Stationary and portable detectors of toxic and explosive gases in the working environment

The detectors can be equipped with an electrochemical test gas generator to verify the correct function of the instrument.

Trace monitoring indoors

Multicomponent multichannel analyzers based on the principle of chromatography or mass or optical spectrometry with the possibility of continuous monitoring of several sites simultaneously.

Particle counters - clean room monitoring

Particle counters – clean room monitoring in pharmaceutical, medical and electronic production System solutions for monitoring clean rooms in accordance with standards.

Instruments for setting up and testing air handling units

Instruments for monitoring the flow, temperature and humidity of air, drafts and the effectiveness of filters.
Personal pumps are equipped with filters to capture the required pollutants. The filter analysis then determines the exposure of workers during the work shift.

Instruments for disinfecting premises using hydrogen peroxide vapor

These devices effectively kill bacteria and viruses even in hidden areas.

Equipment for testing the integrity of air handling units

This device is used to detect leaks in distribution systems.

Portable and stationary dust monitors in the work environment

PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 mass concentration monitors as well as nanometer and micrometer counters. Condensation counters for tracking nanometric particles from copiers and laser printers.