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Since 1991, we have been supplying instruments and systems for monitoring gases, liquids and particles for ecological and process applications.

About Us

ECM ECO Monitoring a.s. Bratislava is a central member of an international group focused on systems for continuous analysis of gases, liquids and particles for ecological, technological and process applications. The ECM Group brings together the experience of leading manufacturers of analytical instrumentation, which it offers to its customers, especially in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Thanks to its residency and team of qualified specialists, ECM is ready to provide its services quickly and efficiently.

The main activities of the ECM Group are the supply of monitoring systems for the following areas:

Partnering with leading manufacturers of analytical instrumentation enables ECM to offer its customers solutions optimized for specific applications.

ECM Group categorically rejects Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and, in accordance with the international sanctions imposed by the EU and the USA, has cut off any relations with Russian and Belorusian partners and clients.  

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