Monitoring systems for oil refineries

Monitoring of blends

NIR, FTIR and RAMAN analyzers for monitoring blending processes Chemometric modelling to match laboratory analyses.

Analyzers of the physical properties of hydrocarbon products

Continuous analyzers to determine distillation curve, fog points, freezing, flash, color, viscosity and other components in accordance with ASTM and ISO standards.

The Claus Process

Analyzers for reliable monitoring of H2S, SO2, COS and other components required for Claus process control with minimal maintenance requirements.

Sulphur in gases

Monitoring of H2S and other sulphur components as well as total sulphur in various gas mixtures and off-gases. Depending on the application, the analyzers work on the principle of chromatography, TDL, UV absorption or acetate strip.

Sulphur in liquids

Monitoring the sulphur content of hydrocarbon liquids. The analyzers work on the principle of UV absorption or XRF.

Oil on the surface

Instruments for the detection and determination of the thickness of the oil film on the surface of water.

Gas and liquid flow meters

Flow meters for determining the flow rate of hot liquid products without pipeline intervention in distillation units. Flowmeters also allow differentiation of product identification in the pipeline and also gas flow monitoring.

Flow of flare, waste and process gases

Thermo-conductivity instruments for monitoring the flow of polluted gases with variable humidity and composition.

Monitoring hydrocarbons in water

Instruments for the analysis of the presence of hydrocarbons in process, cooling and waste waters as well as in condensate. A wide range of instruments designed to monitor both aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Analysis of crude oil and other liquid products

Infrared analyzers for determining the composition of crude oil and
other process liquids in refineries.

Drainage of tanks

Automatic tank drainage system with reliable maintenance-free
capacitive sensor with adjustable sensitivity.

Analysis of oxygen, hydrocarbons, CO and CO2 in refineries and ethylene units

Analyzers based on tunable laser, RAMAN technology and IC absorption for reliable analysis in refinery processes and ethylene units.


Selective monitors of hydrogen content in various gas mixtures.

Water in hydrocarbons

Capacitive monitors of water content in hydrocarbon liquids.


Automatic emission monitoring systems with QAL1 certificate in accordance with EN14181.

DENOX and dew point of acid gases

Dew point monitoring of acid gases, SO3, H2SO4 and ABS in the combustion of high sulphur liquid fuels to minimize clogging and corrosion problems.

Trace heating

Tank and pipe heaters with fixed or electric heating. You will find more information in a separate section Electric heat tracing products.