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Sewer and WWTP Monitoring

Composition of water at the inflow and outflow from the WWTP

Compact analytical systems designed to monitor TOC, COD, BOD, phosphates, ammonia, ORP, oxygen, phenols, BTX hydrocarbons, pH, turbidity and other components.

Automatic samplers

Automatic samplers designed for later laboratory analysis of water quality. Portable, stationary and self-cleaning devices are available.

Metals in wastewater

Multicomponent analyzers of trace metal pollutants in water
such as mercury, arsenic, aluminium, iron, manganese and other.

Maintenance free in-situ devices for continuous monitoring of organic load and wastewater toxicity.

Oil pollution

Analyzers of oil content in water or layers on the surface. Modifications for wide range of applications.

Non-contact level and flow measurement in sewers

Microwave non-contact flow measurement in open channels. Worldwide certification of measurement accuracy.

Monitoring of flow in pipes by clamp-on flowmeters

Clamp-on flow meters for monitoring waste and drinking water from the outside of the pipeline.

Nitrification and denitrification in WWTPs

Monitoring of nitrification, denitrification and sludge management of WWTPs in order to optimize operation and minimize costs.

Sludge level and density

Devices for determining the level of sludge below the water surface in the WWTP. Ultrasonic sludge density measurement.
Monitor the thickness of the hydrocarbon layer on the water surface to optimize their separation, especially in refinery and power generation applications.

Gas composition from anaerobic stage

Monitoring of flow and composition of wet biogas and anaerobic stages of WWTPs.