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Analytic Solutions for Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Gas analysis

  • Oxygen concentrations in various mixtures in trace and high
  • Monitoring calorific value and Wobbe index
  • Process chromatography
  • Dew point of water and hydrocarbons, monitoring the humidityof various media
  • Measurement of flow and energy transfer by attachments
  • IR or UV absorption process analyzers for monitoring the
    composition of gas mixtures
  • Accurate flow measurement of slow flowing process, torch and waste gases
  • Monitoring the composition of biogas, waste and faecal gases
  • H2 tracking
  • Steam flow
  • Compressed air flow

Fluid analysis

  • Monitoring the composition of liquid content using refractometric, conductivity, ultrasonic and spectrometric instruments
  • Measurement of turbidity, color, viscosity, state of crystallization and polymerization of liquids
  • Monitoring the composition of liquids using UV, NIR, FTIR, or Raman analytical methods
  • Monitoring the content of hydrocarbons in water and also water in hydrocarbons
  • Monitoring the composition of liquids using automatic titration, photometric or electrode analyzers
  • Monitoring of physical properties such as distillation curve, freezing point, flash point and others
  • Measurement of sulfur content in liquids
  • Level and flow monitoring
  • Monitoring the height of foam on liquids

Particle analysis

  • Identification of damaged filter sleeves
  • Monitoring the efficiency of filtration systems
  • Particle monitoring in the work environment
  • Clean room monitoring
  • Measurement of TZL emissions
  • Identification of bacteria in clean rooms
  • Measurement of particles in various (also explosive) gaseous media
  • Turbidimeters and particle counters for monitoring membrane filters
  • Identification of bacterial growth in water reservoirs and distribution
  • Monitoring the drying of powder and granulate products

Ecology and work environment

  • Automatic emission monitoring systems with QAL1
    certification according to EN14181
  • Monitoring of immissions in ambient air
  • Monitoring of toxic and explosive gases in the working environment
  • Toxic gas detectors calibrators with internal by developing a calibration gas
  • Respiratory protection testers
  • Monitoring of wastewater and treatment plants

Flow and pressure monitoring

    • Attached flow meters
    • In-situ flow meters
    • Powder and granulate flow meters
    • Vibration resistant pressure gauges


  • Flame monitoring in various applications
  • Monitoring of acid gases in flue gases and DENOX
  • Comprehensive monitoring of nitrogen, chlorine, ethylene chemistry, food, fermentation, pharmaceutical and petrochemical processes, as well as the production of cellulose, sugar, detergents and other products
  • Optimization of combustion processes
  • Protection against fires and explosions
  • Monitoring of bacteria in clean rooms
  • Disinfection of clean rooms
  • Route heaters and fittings