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Monitoring solutions for paper and cellulose industry

Combustion control, protection of electrostatic precipitators

In-Situ and TDL laser analyzers to optimize combustion and protect electrostatic precipitators.
Riadenie spaľovania

Water penetration into lubricating oil

Monitor the water content of lubricating oils, in particular for the protection of paper machine bearings.

Bleaching process

Analysis of chemical composition in the bleaching process.


Organic matter in process waters

Analyzers and probes for monitoring the organic content of process and waste water.
Green, black and white liquor analyzers can be supplied also in a safe dual version.

Wood chip moisture

Optical, capacitive, or microwave monitors of water content in wood chips.

Pressure sensors for cellulose production

Vibration-resistant absolute and differential pressure sensors, without oil filling in the impulse line.

Dosing of coagulants and flocculants

Portable titrators to optimize the dosing of coagulants and flocculants.
Water level foam monitors with output to control mixing and dosing of inhibitors.

Cellulose and sludge sampling

Samplers of dense sludge substances intended for later laboratory analysis.

Emission monitoring

Robust in-situ analyzers with an optical beam in a diffusion tube guarantee long-term reliable operation with minimal maintenance requirements. The devices are mounted directly on the duct and allow to connect oxygen, particle, flow and other monitors. They communicate with the central computer via LAN connection, so the infrastructure is minimal.

Monitoring of odors

Stationary and mobile odor monitoring equipment The samplers are activated during episodes of odor pollution. The samples are subject of olfactometric evaluation or chemical lab analysis.

Ambient air pollution monitoring

ECM Group is a supplier of certified air pollution monitoring systems, but these systems. We also supply devices based on compact sensor modules for such applications. These stations allow monitoring of pollutants like SO2, NOX, NO2, O3, CO, CO2, VOC, H2S and also airborne dust.

Wastewater treatment plants

Monitoring stations at the inlet, outlet and in the actual wastewater treatment process itself.