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Solutions for cement industry
In cooperation with the partner company Enotec, we offer water-cooled sampling probes. Periodic rotation of the probe prevents the probe from settling and bending. The inside of the probe is automatically cleaned by a return blower and also by mechanical cleaning of the probe mouth by means of a retractable piston. O2 sensors can be built into the probe. An analytical system in an air-conditioned instrument cabinet, connected to the probe by means of a heated line, is used to monitor CO, NOX, SO2, CH4 and others.
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Monitoring of O2 and CO

Monitoring of O2 and CO to maintain the safety of operation in mills, preheaters and calciner Compact monitoring systems are used to detect dangerous smoldering that could cause a fire in a timely manner.
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AMS – Emission monitoring

Automatic monitoring stations for pollutants in flue gases comply with Directive 2010/75 / EU on industrial emissions, according to Commission Decision 2013/163 / EU on BAT techniques, as well as STN EN 17255-1 / 2019, STN EN 17255-2 / 2020, STN EN 14181 / 2014.
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Monitoring systems for the identification of defective filter elements, for the effective control of the cleaning of filter systems and the identification of leaks in air distribution systems
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Flow of polluted hot air

Monitoring the flow of air with a high content of coal powder, limestone or cement in air ducts with a temperature of up to 1000°C. The devices work on the triboelectric principle.
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Thermography for the analysis of temperatures in the furnace and zinc cooler. The system uses air or water-cooled probes with automatic ejection in the event of a power or cooling failure.
Elemental analysis of minerals for sorting limestone from quarries and for dosing additives into the material transported to the mill. The devices use PGNAA analysis and chemometric interpretation of the concentration of monitored minerals.
Contactless flow monitoring of loose materials. Capacitive and microwave monitoring of mass flow, flow rate and indication of movement of loose materials.

Moisture of products and alternative fuels

Humidity monitoring using microwave, capacitive, or optical measuring principle.