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Analytic solutions for pharma industry
Laboratory and on-line Sievers-Suez TOC analyzers are with a sensitivity from 0,03 ppb bench-mark for monitoring of organic pollution of ultrapure waters. Thanks to a CO2 permeable membrane separation of the measuring cell accuracy is not influenced by water conductivity caused by inorganic trace compounds. TOC reading is not influenced by chemical composition of the organics.
Monitorovanie čistých priestorov

Monitoring of powder products in pharma production lines

On-line spectrometric analyzers help to maintain quality of Solid Dose Manufacturing processes. Several spectrometric probes can be connected to a common unit, or a battery powered, WIFI connected spectrometer can rotate with powder mixers to monitor homogenisation. The main applications are Homogeneity, Binder addition, Granule growth, Moisture, Uniformity, Potency, Coating thickness and Process end point monitoring in Granulation, Drying, Blending, Encapsulation, Compression and Coating stages of the process.

Monitoring of Clean Rooms in compliance with EU GMP Annex 1

  • Optical Particle Counters designated for clean rooms with
    possibility of a real time microbial detection
  • Portable OPC instruments with bar-code identification of the monitored location
  • Real time microbial activity analyzers allowing to monitor aseptic during manufacturing and “fill-finish” facilities
  • CPC instruments to monitor fine particles in compressed gases
  • Stationary OPC instruments which can be optionally equipped
    with built-in pump.

Innovative H2O2 V-Phase Biodecontamination Solutions

  • 6 log viable reduction in every cycle in controlled or classified
    environments with vapor phase hydrogen peroxide
  • Most compact H2O2 up to 200 m3/h vapor generator
  • Mobile H2O2 vapor generator to be applied inside or from outside of decontaminated area. Compliance to SW CFR 21 part 11
  • H2O2 generator for OEM applications

Clean Process Gases

Analytic equipment to monitor cleanness, or contamination of medical gases.
Monitorovanie čistých priestorov

Working Area Monitoring

Monitoring of concentration of toxic gases in working area.

Waste Water Monitoring

Analytic solutions to monitor waste water from pharmaceutical production processes Protection and optimation of waste water treatment plants.
FID analyzers to monitor hydrocarbons in process area venting systems.